IIDT empowers its students to experiment and innovate via its Centers of Excellence, which are the direct result of an active partnership between the academic and the industrial worlds. This is carried out with the firm belief that it could set a precedent for research in the digital technology space.

Live use cases from the industry majors will enhance learning and the results will lead to a generalized theory available for broader usage. A Use-case based approach will shape up the real problem solving skills of the digital experts while providing the industry with products and solutions. It's a win-win situation for the industry-academia partnership.


Currently, the Digital Technology space is a hotbed of activity. A large number of firms across the world are looking to embrace the digital transformation, and are attempting to leverage these advancements in technology to gain significant competitive advantage.

The college is organized into four departments:

The technology in this dynamic space is driven as much by the industry as by academia and research. At IIDT, the focus is on the transformational pedagogical approach, which follows a hybrid model. This model is focused on developing the digital DNA through a combination of personalized learning and collaborative approaches like classroom coaching, live projects, global mentorship and industrydriven research.


In the fast changing digital landscape, technologies could be a fad, a trend or in for the long run. The dynamic nature requires students to have guidance from the ones who can spot the difference. The students are the ones who are in the midst of the revolution; hence IIDT has drafted a prestigious global mentorship program that involves industry experts to groom the digital talent.

The mentors act as a guide not only at the course level, but also helps the student stay abreast with the pace of the technological revolution.