GFSU for Post Graduate
Programme in Cyber Security

This Institute was established with an aim to provide a centre for academic excellence and ultramodern practical training in the area of forensic & its subsidiary sciences.

The University has tie-ups with internationally acclaimed companies like: Orchid Research Laboratories Ltd.; Merck; Synchron Research Services Pvt Ltd.; Sigma – Aldrich; Zydus Cadilla; Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.; Lambda Therapeutic Research Ltd. etc. Along With Reputed Indian Companies Like: Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Ltd.; Finar Chemicals & Claris Pharmaceuticals Ltd. for recruitments of the university's aspiring Forensic Pharmacists and Forensic Nanotechnologists.


Faculty Profiles

Mr. A. Anjaneyulu (Anil)
Founder - eSF Labs Ltd.

Mr. Anil pursued his Masters in Information Technology from Bharathidasan University. He is also a Certified Forensic Examiner(ACE), Mobile Phone Forensic Examiner, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor of Information Security, ISO 37001 Enterprise Risk Management, CISCO certified Professional (CCNP, CCNA, CCSPA) and Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT), Certified Security Analyst (ECSA), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Advanced Network Forensics Professional (SANS).

Mr. Sivaram Kumar

Mr. Sivaram has over 11 years of IT experience and expertise in secure software design & development of desktop, web, and mobile applications. He has a strong knowledge of integrated platforms used to perform security testing of OWASP top ten vulnerabilities and locating security flaws of software applications. He developed the Black Box Security test environments and found various critical vulnerabilities on Client websites to prevent data security breaches.

Mr. Kritarth Jhala

Mr. KritarthJhala has over 4 years of experience in the field of IT Industry, Digital Fraud Investigation and Cyber Forensics across various organizations. He has prior experience of working on various technologies & IT infrastructures, combined with experience in Cyber forensics, cyber threat defense & critical infrastructure security. Mr. KritarthJhala brings a unique blend of technology, investigations and risk management that makes him one of the very few experts in this domain. In Cyber Security his focus groups have mainly been mobile security, mobile malware analysis and working on mitigation of the ever evolving spectrum of threats faced by organizations by using Forensic techniques.

Mr. Srinu K

Mr. K. Srinu has over 5 years of experiences in computer security. He is a certified ethical hacker from the ECCouncil and isalso a well-known member in the null community (an open security community). He has given a lot of presentations on malware research at monthly null meets. He has good expertise in setting up Malware analysis labs to analyze vast number of malware samples to get intelligence. He is also capable of manual reversing of malware samples to extract the configuration and understanding of malware internal behavior from low-level points.

Mr. Nilay Mistry,ACE, ISMS LA
Cyber Security and Digital Forensics at
Institute of Forensic Science, Govt. of Gujarat

Today's technology grows its roots in positive and negatives both directions. Cyber criminals are always getting one step ahead than the investigators. Digital forensics in the live environment is the biggest challenge; acquisition of live artifacts on running system needs expertise to achieve expected results. One of the most important areas where every forensicator looks into is Memory, i.e. RAM - Random Access Memory. RAM is a volatile memory, which flushes when system is shut down, or restarts. So before shutting down the system, a Memory dump should be taken. It is a very important aspect for carving information resided into the volatile memory. Here the role of a volatile memory analysis in digital forensics and the importance of the physical memory analysis are proposed and is very useful in real time evidence acquisition analysis. Further we have introduced some of the tools and techniques used in acquisition and analysis of memory.

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