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The global cybersecurity market size was valued at USD 167.13 billion in 2020 and is expected to register a CAGR of 10.9% from 2021 to 2028.- Reports

Burning Glass Technologies, a leading labour market analytics firm, said that employers are ready to pay more for workers who are equipped with cybersecurity skills to prevent attacks before they occur.

Cybersecurity in 2021

The fight against cyber criminals can only be done with professional expertise, and IIDT Tirupati is at the helm of it. The digital revolution is advancing and so are cyberattacks, phishing, whaling, ransomware, spyware, DDOS attacks, and whatnot. Any organization, big or small is always looking for experts who can help them keep safe and prevent them from unnecessary losses.

Learning about it can open the doors to a great career opportunity for you. This is only possible if you have someone to provide you best insights in this field. You don’t need to look further! IIDT-Tirupati is your guide.

Our PG Programme in Cyber Security is the answer to the requirement.

IIDT Tirupati is Your Perfect Guide to Cybersecurity: The Facilities we Offer

Registered under the APEITA (Andhra Pradesh Electronics & IT Agency), we are here for the promotion of IT & Technology in Andhra Pradesh. With AP being the center of the digital revolution, we strive to nurture digital talent.

A modern, sophisticated learning environment is essential to emphasize the study which we have provided at IIDT, Tirupati. With a sprawling campus and advanced infrastructure facilities, you can focus on your goal while living peacefully.

The labs are equipped with the latest tools from industries and our faculty is exceptionally qualified.

Why Us?

An organization like ours with an experience of 5 batches spread over four years is always working to provide students the perfect combination of knowledge and expertise.

Our awards and accolades would allow you to know the extents we have reached. We have been the recipient of

  • Smart Cities India Award 2021 by Exhibitions India Group for the ‘Best Academic Programme’
  • SKOCH Order-of-Merit Semi Finalist under ‘Skill Development – Digital Technologies’ in 2021
  • EC – Council CISO Mag Award 2020 under ‘Best Digital Initiative of the Year’
  • Award of Excellence 2020 under ‘Security related Initiative’ by ELETS
  • Indian Express Techno Sabha award 2020 under ‘Enterprise Application Category’

So, why wait!!

Batch 6th for PG Programme commences this August 2021. Guarantee your bright future with our curated PG Programme on Cybersecurity.

Contact us to get the details to discover data protection techniques & become skilful.

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