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IIDT is organizing a conclave with our Industrial Mentors who are experts and leading in the industry from reputed organisations.

In the current cyber world, plenty of sources exists to learn and hone skills by reading industry experts blogs, whitepapers, books, listen to podcasts and attend webinars, etc. But the problem with the web is that availability of tremendous amount of data that often can’t be crack and provide us with the best or most relevant information. Attending live events such as conferences, workshops provide unique learning, career building opportunities and assist to be an expert. One can extract more from watching and interacting with these experts face to face and can be facilitated with an advice and possibly make a connection with someone that could dramatically impact their professional career.

Hearing to conference speakers successful journey in business or in a specific industry area, will inspire and motivate one by taking their lead, add something new to their business or change the way do things to reach the same level of success. Having aware of latest news and trends in the industry which could be new techniques and equipment, unpublished data, or learn from thought-leaders is a key to ensure themselves to fall ahead of the curve. The conclave gives an opportunity to explore new trends and cutting-edge technologies that has played a significant role recently and keep oneself ahead of everyone.

Business Analytics Mentors

Cyber Security Mentors


The Conclave provides an environment to converse with new people and offer numerous opportunities to speak to other Delegates. In educational perspective the Conclave exposes new ways of performing Jobs and guide to be more productive. It adds a fun of managing career growth by blending a social aspect into learning and gain Industrial knowledge.

The conclave becomes a platform to provide an opportunity to present one’s Ideas and work to others, get feedback and may provide new insight. It helps attendees to establish themselves in their field of study and built associations for career enhancement.

Grab the chance to meet the professionals that you have admired for years by registering for the conclave, those who have had vast success in industry and who you want to learn from first hand. Join us at the IIDT Mentor Conclave in the month of Febraury 2019.

Registration Process

  1. Click on “Register for Mentor Conclave” in this web page or click here which redirects to application form to be filled.

  2. The students and alumni of IIDT are allowed to attend without any registration.

  3. Note that the applications which are incomplete will be summarily rejected.