Post Graduate Programme in
Data Science

Data is everywhere and there is almost an urgent need to collect and preserve any data that is being generated.

This is why analytics is in the frontier of IT and has become crucial today as it aids in improving business, decision making and providing the biggest edge over the competitors.

It offers a plethora of opportunities across industries and domains.

Term 1

Analytics Approach
Story Telling
Introduction to Python
Statistics with Python
Machine Learning 1 with Python
RDBMS and Data

Term 2

Introduction to R
Machine Learning 2 with Python
Advanced Statistics with Python
Big Data / Spark
Retail Analytics
Business Finance &
CV Preparation & PD

Term 3

Optimisation Techniques
Data Visualization Lab
Model Interpretation
Financial Services Analytics
Text Analytics
Marketing Analytics
Deep Learning
GD & PI Training

Term 4

Capstone Project
Technical Test Prep & Aptitude Test Prep